Why Hire A Cleaning Service?


I just need help • I want to do something nice for my wonderful partner who works so much • I just don’t have the time • I need my home cleaned now but I am just to tired •  Oh no! My in laws are coming for a visit! … the list can go on and on and on.

By hiring a cleaning service your level of stress will go down, you are ready at all times for surprise guests and here are a few more benefits.

  • Workers Comp: Customers are protected if employee falls or gets hurt
  • Background Checks: Know who is in your home, our insurance requires it.
  • Employees: Taxes are covered by the service and employee not the customer
  • Training: Cleaners are trained and do continuous education in the field.


  • Having a regular home cleaning service can help eliminate your need to always get up and fix something or clean something as you know the cleaning service will be back soon. When your home is clean and you don’t have to spend a lot of time doing it yourself you can learn to relax in your home and enjoy your life better.


  • When your home is consistently clean it inspires you to keep it that way. You may find that if you know the cleaning service is coming, you are more likely to strip your bed and do a couple loads of laundry in preparation instead of procrastination which may be your normal mode of operation.


  • You can be more productive when you have a cleaning service. When your home is clean and organized you will know where everything is. You won’t have to stop to clean an area before sitting down to do a project. You can get right to whatever you need to do. This makes for a more productive life, as you have less preparation work to do before doing a task.